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“Real change begins with me in my neighbourhood”

I Change My City is the platform to empower you to bring about change, mobilise your community, and connect with your government.
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Fix your civic issues in 3 steps

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Report ugly spots in your neighbourhood

Is the spot at the corner of your street always filled with garbage?
You can get BBMP to act on it! Report now and get it resolved.

News in the city

What's making news in your city and in your neighbourhood? Post and view images, videos, and stories that concern you, your neighbours and friends in the city.

Know your neighbourhood area

It's all about going local. Find all the information about the area you live in, how it ranks in quality-of-life, the elected representative for your ward, civic agencies to contact, and much more.

Information Maps

See your neighbourhood and city through a spatial lens with our fantastic maps. Enrich the maps and your complaints, local information, and interaction.
Why I Change My City is your single window for comprehensive urban transformation and social change
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Mobilise community action for change.

Mobilise and organise your local neighbourhood community for action on common civic issues



Post photos, experiences, comment and participate in trending talks, discuss and support issues on just about anything in your neighbourhood.


Network for civic action- mobilise your local civic community, connect with like-minded citizens, get to know your government and engage with them.


Each step towards change, big or small, will be your effort and your success. Celebrate your success on ichangemycity and catalyse hope and action in others.
Cubbon Park is a favorite spot for those who wish to spread the word on the consequences of rising environmental degradation in urban pockets.
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I Change My City Mobile Apps

A picture is worth more than a thousand words!
Use I Change My City mobile apps to post graphic complaints realtime, and share it with others in your community