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Vasudeva Rao Ungati's complaint regularizes garbage collection in neighbourhood

Resolved on Feb 17, 2017

Dumping of waste on Chunchughatta Main Road was a major woe of the residents of the neighbourhood. Vasudeva Rao Ungati highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and got it to the BBMP’s attention. Thanks to his effort, waste collection was regularized in the locality. Marking the complaint as resolved, Vasudeva confirms that BBMP truck visits the area daily. View complaint


Anchit Rastogi 's complaint fills potholes on Tavarekere Main Road

Resolved on Feb 12, 2017

Potholes on Tavarekere Main Road obstructed smooth flow of traffic. ICMyC user Anchit Rastogi pointed out that these potholes are dangerous as they cannot be spotted easily. Two-wheeler riders are at risk, he said. The complaint was taken up by the BBMP and the road is now repaired. Anchit is elated that his initiative has averted potential mishaps. View complaint


NOEL D's complaint gets Sri Ram Temple road asphalted

Resolved on Feb 08, 2017

Sri Ram Temple road in Venkappa Garden, Koramangala was riddled with potholes. ICMyC user Noel D highlighted the difficulties the commuters face and requested BBMP to get the stretch fixed. Thanks to his complaint, BBMP was notified about the issue and the road received a fresh coat of asphalt. View complaint


Nithin A's complaint gets neighbourhood in Thyagaraja Nagar lit

Resolved on Feb 07, 2017

With three streetlights not functioning on 6th Cross Road in Thyagaraja Nagar, the entire stretch was pitch dark. ICMyC user Nithin A asked BBMP to get the lights repaired on top priority and make his neighbourhood safe. Thanks to his effort, the lights are now repaired. View complaint


Karthik's complaint gives Doddakamanahallli main road a facelift

Resolved on Feb 04, 2017

Doddakamanahallli main road was riddled with pot-holes. ICMyC user Karthik in a complaint wrote that smooth flow of traffic is obstructed and the entire stretch is dusty. The issue was brought to BBMP’s notice and the civic agency ensured that the road is asphalted. View complaint


Humble Citizen's complaint fixes streetlights in K R Puram

Resolved on Feb 02, 2017

IChangeMyCity user who identifies himself as humble citizen had complained that streetlights were not functioning in 6th Main, Vinayaka Road in K R Puram. The complaint was forwarded to the BBMP and the civic agency ensured that the streetlights are repaired. View complaint


Divakar S's effort regularises water supply in Nagarbhavi neighbourhood

Resolved on Feb 01, 2017

Divakar S, resident of 9th Block, Nagarbhavi complained on IChangeMyCity that his neighbourhood was not supplied with Corporation water for over a week. He requested BWSSB to look into the issue as other areas in the vicinity had regular water supply. Divakar’s complaint was forwarded to BWSSB by Team IChangeMyCity. Within 24 hours of him posting the complaint, the issue was resolved. View complaint


Abhay Kasera's complaint stops private buses halting in the bus stand for a long time

Resolved on Jan 31, 2017

IChangeMyCity user Abhay Kasera says private buses halt in front of B Narayanpura (ORR) Bus Stand for a long time and block people’s way. People waiting in the bus stand find it difficult to access other buses. In one such instance, Kasera was also hit by a private bus whose driver was speeding. Kasera’s complaint was forwarded to BTP by Team IChangeMyCity. Kasera now reports that BTP has taken necessary steps to stop private buses from stopping in front of the bus stand and has marked the issue as resolved. View complaint


Suresh's effort lights up neighbourhood in Nagarbhavi

Resolved on Jan 30, 2017

Suresh, a resident of Teachers Colony, Chandra Layout complained on IChangeMyCity that a streetlight in his locality was not working. The complaint was forwarded to BBMP and the light was fixed in a week’s time. Suresh is elated that his effort lit up the neighbourhood. View complaint


Madan Kumar's complaint gets roads in Binnipete repaired

Resolved on Jan 29, 2017

Roads in Keshava Nagar, Binnipete were damaged and pothole-ridden. Madan Kumar highlighted the issue in a complaint on IChangeMyCity. BBMP officials have taken note of the problem and have got the roads repaired. View complaint


Srikanth A Ramarao's effort gets garbage collection regularised

Resolved on Jan 28, 2017

IChangeMyCity user Srikanth had raised concern regarding garbage being dumped in vacant areas and road corners in Lakshman Nagar, Hegganahalli. The complaint was forwarded to BBMP official Raju, who has taken steps to resolve the issue. Srikanth now reports that garbage is being collected on a daily basis before 10 pm. View complaint


Shravan's complaint gets road asphalted

Resolved on Jan 27, 2017

Shravan had raised his voice regarding the need to asphalt the 3rd Cross Road next to the Park in BTM 4th stage. The road is in a poor condition and the potholes obstruct smooth flow of traffic, he said. Thanks to his complaint, the road is now repaired. View complaint


MADHUSUDHAN's complaint gets road asphalted

Resolved on Jan 25, 2017

The 17th E Cross Road in Eshwara Layout, Indiranagar was dug up for pipe work but not asphalted thereafter. Madhusudhan who highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity got the issue to the notice of the BBMP. Thanks to his effort, the road is repaired on top priority. View complaint


Amoghavarsha's presence of mind averts mishaps, gets speed breakers painted in Jayamahal

Resolved on Jan 23, 2017

Around six new speed breakers were laid near Jayamahal recently. However, with no markings on them, the speed breakers were not visible and unsuspecting motorists were at risk, wrote Amoghavarsha in a complaint on IChangeMyCity. The complaint was forwarded to the BBMP. The civic body ensured that the speed breakers are painted. Amoghavarsha is elated that the BBMP resolved the issue within a week of him posting the complaint. View complaint


Venkatesh Rajan's complaint solves monkey menace in neighbourhood

Resolved on Jan 20, 2017

Residents of 8th Main Road, Mahalakshmipuram Layout were troubled by the presence of a monkey in the locality. The monkey destroyed property and residents feared about getting attacked. Venkatesh Rajan got the issue to BBMP’s notice by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. Thanks to his effort, BBMP has taken care of the issue. View complaint