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Shaiju Janardhanan's complaint gets mud dumped on road cleared

Resolved on Jun 21, 2017

Mud was dumped right in middle of the road, opposite Koramangala bus depot. Shaiju Janardhanan posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity and requested civic authorities to clear the mud as it was obstructing smooth flow of traffic. BBMP took note of Shaiju’s complaint and now the mud is cleared. View complaint


Naveenrv's complaint gets neighbourhood in Basavanagudi lit

Resolved on Jun 19, 2017

Lack of adequate lighting on Rashtriya Vidyalaya Road, Basavanagudi made residents feel insecure. Naveen in a complaint on IChangeMyCity wrote that many under the influence of alcohol roamed on the dark stretch. These people got into brawls and created nuisance, he added. He requested civic authorities to install streetlights and make the neighbourhood safe. Thanks to his complaint, BBMP has got the entire stretch lit. View complaint


Kumari's complaint gets BESCOM to cut tree branches that were disrupting power

Resolved on Jun 14, 2017

Power used to get frequently disrupted on 2nd Cross Road, Muninanjappa Layout as tree branches were touching electric cables. Kumari got this issue to the notice of BESCOM by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. BESCOM has acted on Kumari’s complaint and the branches have been cut. View complaint


Manu's complaint gets faulty signal on Thanisandra Main Road repaired

Resolved on Jun 12, 2017

Traffic signal near Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra on Thanisandra Main Road was not functioning. ICMyC user Manu got the issue to the notice of Bengaluru Traffic Police with a complaint on IChangeMyCity. Thanks to his effort, the signal is repaired. View complaint


Ahmad's complaint lights up dark pocket on Infantry Road

Resolved on Jun 08, 2017

Streetlights were not functioning between Hindu Newspaper Office up to Union Street Junction on Infantry road. The dark pocket made pedestrians feel insecure. Also, there was danger of people meeting with accidents. Ahmad highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity. BBMP took up the issue and ensured that the streetlights are repaired. View complaint


SHOBHANA.G's complaint gets water supply regularized

Resolved on Jun 07, 2017

Residents of Sir M V Nagar in Horamavu ward faced inconvenience due to the shortage of water supply. ICMyC user Shobhana asked BWSSB to look into the matter on top priority. BWSSB took up the issue and the area is supplied with water. View complaint


Girish's complaint gets broken sewage pipe fixed

Resolved on May 31, 2017

The 7th Cross Road in Govindaraja Nagar ward was flooded with drainage water as a sewage pipe was broken. Residents of the neighbourhood had a difficult time as they were forced to wade through the dirty water. Girish highlighted the issue in a complaint on IChangeMyCity and got BWSSB to resolve the issue. View complaint


Karan's complaint regularizes power supply in Abbaiah Reddy Layout

Resolved on May 30, 2017

Residents of Abbaiah Reddy Layout in Vijnana Nagar were troubled by frequent power cuts. ICMyC user Karan brought the issue to the notice of BESCOM by highlighting the same on IChangeMyCity. Thanks to his effort the irregular power cuts have stopped. View complaint


Vinay's complaint gets metal sheets obstructing footpath removed

Resolved on May 25, 2017

Pedestrians who used the footpath between Ulsoor Metro Station towards Ulsoor Police Station were greeted with dangerous metal sheets that could fall on them at any moment. Vinay in a complaint on IChangeMyCity, highlighted that the property next to Kempamma Devi Temple was fenced with metal sheets. However, these sheets were obstructing the footpath. Pedestrians were at a risk of tripping or being cut by the metal that was jutting out from these sheets. Vinay’s complaint was immediately taken up by the BBMP and the sheets were removed within a week of him posting the issue. View complaint


Devang's complaint gets tree branches dumped in park removed

Resolved on May 25, 2017

The branches of a tree that was cut down were dumped in a children’s park in Koramangala 4th block. ICMyC user Devang pointed out that the branches should be cleared as children can be hurt. Thanks to his effort, the branches have been removed and the park is cleaned. View complaint


Sneha Murthy's complaint gets water supply regularised in HRBR Layout

Resolved on May 24, 2017

Sneha Murthy, resident of HRBR Layout 2nd block, complained that water was not being supplied to the neighbourhood on the promised days. The residents faced a lot of problems in completing their household chores without water. Sneha’s complaint was taken up by the BWSSB and now the neighbourhood is supplied with sufficient water. View complaint


Sundar's persistence turns dump yard into a garden patch in Kaikondrahalli

Resolved on May 23, 2017

Garbage and wet waste was disposed in front of a school in Kaikondrahalli. In a complaint on IChangeMyCity, Sundar highlighted that the stench is unbearable. He feared that the unhygienic conditions will put the health of schoolchildren at risk. Sundar’s complaint was forwarded to the BBMP and the area was cleaned. Sadly, a few days later, garbage was again dumped. Sundar re-opened the complaint and requested BBMP to find a permanent solution to the recurring issue. BBMP not only cleaned the area again, but now has converted the garbage spot into a small garden by placing pots of flowering plants. An elated Sundar now marks the complaint as resolved and hopes that the issue does not recur again. View complaint


SATHULURI HIMAJA's complaint gets street near Ramaiah College lit

Resolved on May 22, 2017

Absence of streetlights near Ramaiah College in MSR Nagar made residents and students feel insecure. Sathuluri Himaja in a complaint on IChangeMyCity pointed out that people can meet with accidents or can be a target of untoward incidents. Sathuluri’s complaint was taken up by the BBMP and the street is now lit. View complaint


Raghunandan M S's complaint got parking violators penalized

Resolved on May 20, 2017

Vehicles were parked on both sides of S Kariyappa Road. As a result, smooth flow of traffic was obstructed. ICMyC user Raghunandan MS posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity and got Bengaluru Traffic Police to take action against the violators. He is elated with BTP’s quick response and hopes that people do not commit the violation again. View complaint


Virupaksha GM's complaint on dead animal was resolved by BBMP within few hours

Resolved on May 30, 2017

Virupaksha GM who came across a dead dog in 2nd Phase, JP Nagar informed BBMP by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. The complaint was forwarded to BBMP officer Mayanna Gowda, who immediately called up Virupaksha for more details and got the dead animal removed. View complaint