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Vidyasagar Mundroy's complaint gets broken slide fixed in Lakshmi Devi Park

Resolved on Mar 13, 2017

A children’s slide at Lakshmi Devi Park in Koramangala 6th block was damaged. The slide had a huge hole and the edges were sharp, which could easily hurt children. ICMyC user Vidyasagar Mundroy brought the issue to the BBMP’s notice by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. To his delight, the issue was addressed and the slide is fixed. View complaint


Sandeep Srikumar's complaint ensures that Adugodi neighbourhood is spick and span

Resolved on Mar 11, 2017

In spite of warning messages that people dumping garbage will be penalized, the garbage dump near Bosch office in Adugodi did not seem to decrease. The area was stinking and looked very messy, pointed out Sandeep Srikumar in a complaint on IChangeMyCity. Sandeep’s complaint was taken up by the BBMP, who ensured that the area is cleaned. Recently, when Sandeep was passing through the area, he was elated to see the locality spick and span. He appreciates BBMP's efforts in putting an end to the garbage menace. View complaint


Kiran's complaint gets garbage pile cleared within a day

Resolved on Mar 10, 2017

Garbage was dumped on 11th Main Road in Muneshwara Block. Kiran posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity that the garbage collection was irregular and as a result the garbage pile increased every day. BBMP took note of Kiran’s complaint and garbage was cleared the very same day. View complaint


Satya's complaint gets neighbourhood in Vinayaka Nagar adequately lit

Resolved on Mar 09, 2017

Two streetlights on the main road in Vinayaka Nagar near Sanjivini Enclave were not functioning. Resident of the area Sathya highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and said that the residents of the locality feel insecure as the area is pitch-dark. Thank to his effort, BBMP took note of the issue and the streetlights were fixed within a week of Sathya posting the complaint. View complaint


Deepa's compliant about pothole is promptly resolved by the BBMP

Resolved on Mar 07, 2017

A huge pothole near SVR Public School, Somasundarapalya was not easily visible and as a result accidents took place here. ICMyC user Deepa posted the issue on IChangeMyCity, which was forwarded to BBMP Assistant Engineer Heeranna. The Engineer promptly addressed the issue and the road has been asphalted. View complaint


Venkatachalapathi's complaint gets road fixed, averts mishaps

Resolved on Mar 03, 2017

ICMyC user Venkatachalapathi posted a complaint that the road near Attiguppe Metro Station is in a pathetic state and is about to cave in. The road connects a school and hence many parents who ride two-wheelers to drop and pick up their children, are at risk, he added. BBMP took note of the issue and got the road fixed within a week of Venkatachalapathi posting the complaint. View complaint


Devang's complaint gets road repaired in Koramangala

Resolved on Mar 02, 2017

The 3rd Cross road in Koramangala 4th block was dug up for some repair work but not asphalted thereafter. ICMyC user Devang highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity, as the unfinished repair work obstructed smooth flow of traffic. Team ICMyC forwarded the complaint to BBMP Assistant Engineer Hariprasad, who ensured that the road is repaired. Devang is elated with BBMP’s prompt response and is all praises for the Engineer. View complaint


Abhishek's complaint gets Doddakammanahalli Main Road repaired

Resolved on Mar 01, 2017

The Doddakammanahalli Main Road was in a pathetic condition. Two-wheeler riders found it very difficult to commute on the pothole-riddled stretch. ICMyC user Abhishek highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity requesting BBMP to repair the road on top priority as it could lead to mishaps. Thanks to his effort, the road is now repaired. View complaint


Sanjay 's effort gets broken road fixed in Dodda Nekkundi

Resolved on Feb 26, 2017

ICMyC user Sanjay posted a complaint regarding the pathetic condition of 8th Cross Road, Vibhutipura Extension, Doddanekundi. BBMP has taken note of his complaint and the stretch has been repaired. Sanjay is elated that his effort has resulted in making his neighbourhood better. View complaint


Shivakumar S V's complaint gets Basavanapura Main Road cleaned

Resolved on Feb 25, 2017

Garbage was dumped on Basavanapura Main Road. ICMyC user Shivakumar S V brought the issue to the notice of the BBMP by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. Thanks to his effort, BBMP addressed the garbage issue and the road is now clean. View complaint


Sham's complaint gets stretch in Kathriguppe cleaned

Resolved on Feb 21, 2017

ICMyC user Sham highlighted the unhygienic conditions that prevailed in Vivekanandanagar. In a complaint he wrote that cow dung and other garbage are dumped on the road and the area stinks. If the garbage issue is not attended it can lead to outbreak of diseases, he stressed. Sham’s complaint was taken up by the BBMP and the road is now clean. View complaint


Ganesh's complaint gets potholes in Arekere fixed

Resolved on Feb 19, 2017

Thanks to Ganesh’s effort, potholes on 1st Cross Road, Raghavendra Layout, Arekere are fixed. Ganesh had pointed out the inconveniences faced by two wheeler riders due to the potholes, in a complaint on IChangeMyCity. BBMP took up the complaint and solved it in a matter of three days. View complaint


Vasudeva Rao Ungati's complaint regularizes garbage collection in neighbourhood

Resolved on Feb 17, 2017

Dumping of waste on Chunchughatta Main Road was a major woe of the residents of the neighbourhood. Vasudeva Rao Ungati highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and got it to the BBMP’s attention. Thanks to his effort, waste collection was regularized in the locality. Marking the complaint as resolved, Vasudeva confirms that BBMP truck visits the area daily. View complaint


Anchit Rastogi 's complaint fills potholes on Tavarekere Main Road

Resolved on Feb 12, 2017

Potholes on Tavarekere Main Road obstructed smooth flow of traffic. ICMyC user Anchit Rastogi pointed out that these potholes are dangerous as they cannot be spotted easily. Two-wheeler riders are at risk, he said. The complaint was taken up by the BBMP and the road is now repaired. Anchit is elated that his initiative has averted potential mishaps. View complaint


NOEL D's complaint gets Sri Ram Temple road asphalted

Resolved on Feb 08, 2017

Sri Ram Temple road in Venkappa Garden, Koramangala was riddled with potholes. ICMyC user Noel D highlighted the difficulties the commuters face and requested BBMP to get the stretch fixed. Thanks to his complaint, BBMP was notified about the issue and the road received a fresh coat of asphalt. View complaint