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Venkatesh Rajan's complaint solves monkey menace in neighbourhood

Resolved on Jan 20, 2017

Residents of 8th Main Road, Mahalakshmipuram Layout were troubled by the presence of a monkey in the locality. The monkey destroyed property and residents feared about getting attacked. Venkatesh Rajan got the issue to BBMP’s notice by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. Thanks to his effort, BBMP has taken care of the issue. View complaint


Dr. Pradeep's effort gets road fixed, averts mishaps

Resolved on Jan 18, 2017

Many accidents took place on Swamy Vivekananda Road in CV Raman Nagar as the road laying work was left incomplete. Many two-wheeler riders lost their balance and hurt themselves badly and one of them was Dr Pradeep. However, Pradeep decided not to keep mum about the situation and voiced out on IChangeMyCity. Thanks to his presence of mind, the issue was brought to BBMP’s notice. In a matter of two weeks, BBMP ensured that the road is fixed. View complaint


M.diana Thomas's complaint gets debris cleaned, footpath fixed

Resolved on Jan 16, 2017

IChangeMyCity user M Diana Thomas voiced her concern regarding debris from drains and slab stones covering the footpaths being dumped on Hosur Road and Buddha Vihara Road. The debris is causing traffic congestion and pedestrians don’t have a footpath to walk on, she complained. Diana’s complaint was forwarded to BBMP officer Vijayanand who made sure that the debris is cleaned and the footpath is fixed. Diana is elated with the prompt response and has marked the issue as resolved. View complaint


Lejo K L's complaint gets streetlights fixed in Singasandra

Resolved on Jan 13, 2017

Streetlights in 6th Cross Road, Wellington Paradise Layout in Singasandra were not functioning. Lejo KL reported the matter to the BBMP office, but there was no response. He then highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity. The complaint was forwarded to BBMP Assistant Engineer Ramesh who made sure that the streetlights are fixed in a week’s time. View complaint


BALASUBRAMANIAN RAMANATHAN's effort gets drain cleaned, footpath fixed

Resolved on Jan 12, 2017

The slab stones covering a footpath on 1st Cross Promenade Road were removed, so that the drain beneath it could be cleaned. However, the work was left incomplete. The silt from the drain as well as the slab stones were dumped on the road. Balasubramanian Ramanathan highlighted the issue on IChanegMyCity and got it to BBMP’s notice. Thanks to his effort the silt is cleaned and the drain is covered with the slab stones. View complaint


Panduranga's complaint gets potholes filled in Domlur

Resolved on Jan 04, 2017

Potholes in Defence Colony, Domlur made travelling difficult for the residents of the neighbourhood. ICMyC user Panduranga posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity and brought the issue to the notice of the BBMP. Thanks to his effort the potholes have been filled. View complaint


Joseph's presence of mind helps in averting mishaps

Resolved on Jan 04, 2017

Loose bricks from a road divider were lying haphazardly on Hosur road. IChangeMyCity user Joseph raised the issue on the portal and said that accidents are sure to happen if the divider is not fixed. Team IChangeMyCity brought this issue to the notice of the BBMP, who understanding the potential danger have reconstructed the divider on top priority. View complaint


Jithin's effort gets road in Gottigere asphalted

Resolved on Jan 03, 2017

The 1 km stretch between Gottigere and Jambu Savari Dinne was in a pathetic state. Jithin highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and urged BBMP to fix the stretch as it connects Kengeri to Electronic City. His complaint was taken up by the BBMP. The road is now asphalted. View complaint


Ranjith's complaint gets road asphalted in Banjara Layout

Resolved on Jan 02, 2017

An inner lane in Banjara Layout, Ramamurthy Nagar lacked asphalt. Thanks to active citizen Ranjith the issue is permanently resolved. Ranjith brought the issue to the notice of the BBMP by posting it on IChangeMyCity and continued following up with the concerned BBMP officials. The road is now asphalted, says an elated Ranjith. View complaint


Obedulla Shariff's complaint got a leaking drain chamber repaired

Resolved on Jan 01, 2017

Umar Farooq Masjid Street in Neelasandra was in a messy state. Sewage water stagnated on the road, due to a leakage in the drainage chamber. Obedulla Shariff highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and got BWSSB to resolve the issue. View complaint


M R AMALNATHAN's complaint gets defunct streetlight repaired

Resolved on Dec 31, 2016

IChangeMyCity user M R Amalnathan had posted a complaint regarding a streetlight not functioning in Sulthangunta on December 28. The very next day, BBMP has acknowledged the complaint and the defunct streetlight is now repaired. View complaint


Moin Khan's complaint gets streetlights repaired within 24 hours

Resolved on Dec 27, 2016

Moin Khan posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity urging repair of dysfunctional streetlights in Prashanth Nagar, T Dasarahalli on December 26. In a matter of 24 hours, BESCOM has taken note of the issue and fixed the streetlights, reports an elated Moin. View complaint


Aseem Kumar's complaint gives Old Airport Road a facelift

Resolved on Dec 26, 2016

Old Airport Road which was riddled with potholes has now been fixed. Thanks to Aseem Kumar who highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and followed it up with the BBMP. Aseem reports that the road was re-laid around three months back and is in a good condition till date. View complaint


Suresh's complaint gives damaged road in Thanisandra a facelift

Resolved on Dec 23, 2016

The Telecom Layout road in Ashwathnagar was in a dilapidated state. Resident of the area Suresh posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity, saying that a school is present in the locality and kids feel very difficult to cycle or even walk on this damaged road. Suresh’s complaint was forwarded to the BBMP who have ensured that the road is fixed. View complaint


Renu Suresh's complaint gets road asphalted, ends traffic chaos

Resolved on Dec 17, 2016

The intersection between Mysore road and Outer Ring road was half asphalted, obstructing smooth flow of traffic. Renu Suresh highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and got it to the BBMP’s attention. An elated Renu reports that BBMP has done a great job, and the road has been asphalted beautifully. View complaint