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Prathap's complaint gets streetlight repaired

Resolved on Apr 17, 2017

The streetlight on 7th Cross Road in Govindaraja Nagar was not functioning since a week. Prathap highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and got the issue to BESCOM’s notice. The streetlight is now repaired. View complaint


Senthilkumar NK's complaint resolves recurring sewage overflow issue in Varsova Layout

Resolved on Apr 16, 2017

Sewage overflow was a common issue in 5th Main of Varsova Layout, C V Raman Nagar. ICMyC user Senthil Kumar points out that there are many houses in the locality but the sewage pipelines of all houses is connected to one sewage chamber. As a result, overflow is a recurring issue and the entire neighbourhood suffers, he said. Senthil’s complaint was taken up by the BWSSB, who have cleared the chamber. Senthil is elated that the complaint is now resolved. View complaint


Syd's complaint makes BWSSB create a bund to stop sewage mixing in lake water

Resolved on Apr 11, 2017

ICMyC user Syed highlighted that sewage was getting mixed up in the lake water, near Cauveri Colony, GM Palya. He requested civic authorities to look into the issue on top priority as the ecosystem near the lake was getting affected. BWSSB took up the issue and placed stones and mud near the lake bank, to create a bund. Syed is elated that the complaint is resolved. View complaint


Ambarish Nb's complaint puts an end to garbage menace

Resolved on Apr 10, 2017

Garbage was frequently dumped on a footpath near 12th main road, Nagapura. Ambarish NB highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and got it to the BBMP’s notice. Thanks to his effort, the footpath is cleaned and dumping of garbage has stopped. View complaint


Manj's persistent effort gets drain leakage issue permanently resolved

Resolved on Apr 09, 2017

Sewage water leaking on the road was a recurring issue in Whitefield Main Road, B Narayanapura. However, each time the issue occurred, resident of the area Manj made it a point to raise a complaint on ICMyC. The complaint was temporarily resolved many times but Manj was persistent that a permanent solution is needed. After much follow-up, BWSSB took steps to ensure that the issue is resolved and does not repeat again. View complaint


Devang's complaint gets sewage dumped on road cleaned

Resolved on Apr 08, 2017

ICMyC user Devang had posted a complaint that the sewage which was dug out from a blocked drain was dumped on the 3rd Cross Road in Koramangala 4th block for over a week. His complaint was forwarded to the BWSSB, who made sure that the area is cleaned. View complaint


Bharath's complaint gets water supply issues resolved in Kuvempu Nagar

Resolved on Apr 05, 2017

Bharath R, a resident of Kuvempu Nagar 1st Stage, highlighted the water supply issues faced by the residents in his neighbourhood on IChangeMyCity. The complaint was forwarded to the BWSSB who made sure that the issue is resolved in a week’s time. View complaint


Manjula Belgur's complaint solves garbage menace in Ramamurthy Nagar neighbourhood

Resolved on Apr 04, 2017

Construction debris was dumped on the road outside Manjula Belgur’s house in Ramamurthy Nagar. Very soon the road became a garbage dump yard. Manjula posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity highlighting the unsanitary conditions of her neighbourhood. BBMP took up the issue on top priority. Manjula is elated that her complaint has put an end to the garbage menace in her locality. View complaint


Karthik Prabhakar 's complaint gets neighbourhood lit

Resolved on Apr 03, 2017

Even though streetlights in JP Nagar 4th phase were repaired, they were not switched on for over a week. ICMyC user Karthik Prabhakar posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity. The streetlights were switched on the very next day. View complaint


Nethra Aradhya's complaint gets lorries parked illegally vacated

Resolved on Apr 01, 2017

An empty plot in Ramaiah Enclave 8th mile, Bagalakunte was used to park Lorries. ICMyC user Nethra Aradhya posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity regarding the dust and noise pollution in the locality and trouble caused to other residents because of the movement of heavy vehicles. Nethra’s complaint was forwarded to Peenya Traffic Police, who have ensured that the vehicles are vacated. View complaint


Vijay's complaint gets road neglected for 3 years repaired in 3 weeks

Resolved on Mar 28, 2017

A road which was not asphalted for over 3 years was given a facelift in just 3 weeks. Thanks to the efforts of Vijay, who highlighted the pathetic condition of Silver Springs Layout, Munnekollal on IChangeMyCity three weeks ago, and got BBMP to repair the stretch on top priority. View complaint


Colin Ward 's complaint prompts BBMP to finish road work which was left incomplete

Resolved on Mar 20, 2017

Basavanapura Main Road was dug up for drainage work but not asphalted thereafter. The incomplete road work became a nightmare for commuters using the stretch. ICMyC user Colin Ward raised concern as many vehicles were getting damaged and the road conditions could cause mishaps. Colin’s complaint prompted BBMP to take quick action. The road is now asphalted. View complaint


Prakash PM's effort gets streetlights repaired

Resolved on Mar 15, 2017

Streetlights on 2nd Cross road in Akshayanagar were not functioning since four months. ICMyC user Prakash PM got the issue to the notice of BESCOM by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. Thanks to his effort, the streetlights are repaired and his neighbourhood is lit. View complaint


Asim Ahmed's complaint gets pothole-riddled road fixed

Resolved on Mar 14, 2017

Thanks to active citizen Asim Ahmed, pothole-riddled Ramakrishnappa Road is fixed. Ahmed had posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity highlighting the pathetic condition of the road, and brought the issue to BBMP’s notice. BBMP has acted on the complaint and fixed the road. View complaint


Vidyasagar Mundroy's complaint gets broken slide fixed in Lakshmi Devi Park

Resolved on Mar 13, 2017

A children’s slide at Lakshmi Devi Park in Koramangala 6th block was damaged. The slide had a huge hole and the edges were sharp, which could easily hurt children. ICMyC user Vidyasagar Mundroy brought the issue to the BBMP’s notice by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. To his delight, the issue was addressed and the slide is fixed. View complaint