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Prashant Karnekar's complaint gets garbage dumped on Bhandup Sonapur Road cleared

Resolved on Jun 15, 2017

ICMyC user Prashant Karnekar posted a complaint on garbage being dumped on Bhandup Sonapur Road. His request to get the area cleaned was taken up by MCGM. Prashant confirms the resolution and marks the complaint as resolved. View complaint


Rahul Dhebri 's complaint gets recurring garbage issue resolved

Resolved on Jun 08, 2017

ICMyC Rahul Dhebri had posted a complaint that garbage is being dumped on the road near Gajana Vatika Garden, Mahim. If the area is not cleaned, the unsanitary conditions could affect the health of the residents in the neighbourhood, he added. Rahul’s complaint was taken up by MCGM. Now, not only has the garbage been cleared, the dumping issue also seems to have reduced, writes an elated Rahul. View complaint


Gunwant Agarwal's complaint gets manhole posing as a death-trap closed

Resolved on Jul 06, 2017

Gunwant Agarwal had posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity regarding an open manhole on Sundervan Complex Road. The manhole is a death-trap and lives could be lost if not closed, he said. Thanks to his vigilance, MCGM took note of his complaint and took steps to close the manhole. An elated Gunwant has marked the complaint as resolved. View complaint


Swaminathan Iyer's complaint gets garbage cleared on Veer Nariman Road

Resolved on May 26, 2017

Three dilapidated booths on a footpath on Veer Nariman Road had become convenient spots to dump garbage. ICMyC user Swaminathan Iyer brought the issue to the notice of MCGM by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. Thanks to his effort, the garbage is cleared. View complaint