City Pulse


June 10, 2014 By Team ICMYC
A hassle-free life amidst a clean vicinity along canopied streets with sports clubs and eat outs across every few metres. This is the life of Puneeth, a young gentleman from Jayanagar who has seen the best of his locality. All seemed perfect until Puneeth came across one such place that altered his perception about the city and its issues. It was then he decided to break out of his idyllic cocoon and make a difference to others.

Puneeth. T is a B.E graduate in Electronics & Communication and has worked in an IT company. At present, he is working as a stock market trader as a part of his own business and is also working as a part time facilitator at Balajanaagraha.
As a part of his role as a facilitator at Balajanaagraha, Puneeth came across a few schools that were badly maintained with poor amenities. One particular school drew his attention as this school lacked the most basic facilities for children. This was Hafizia School, also called BBMP School, located in prime area of Shivajinagar.
To find a mean to act towards these issues, Puneeth found a forum that would highlight such problems and also take measures to enable better schooling to these children. I Change My City of Janaagraha was one such platform that provided a wider picture on the conditions that prevailed in the school. This platform helped him to resolve the issues at the earliest. He had posted major complaints on irregularities prevalent in school premises, namely, presence of encroachers in school premises, pathetic condition of class rooms and toilets, and poor drinking water supply. “I am glad that four of the five complaints that I had posted on I Change My City have been resolved. It is a great platform that allows anybody and everybody to post civic issues of their neighbourhood” says Puneeth.
Enthusiastic of such a forum that can be instrumental to trigger a change, Puneeth with his commendable work stands as a testimony of being a pro-active citizen. Without any support he has managed to solve the issues with the help of civic-oriented website. “I wanted to do something about the irregularities in the school and I Change My City gave me an opportunity to voice the problems of the school. It helped to a great extent to post complaints easily at any time” says Puneeth.
Willing to work towards improving conditions in more and more schools in the city, Puneeth is all set to head start, yet again . It just takes a few minutes to post a complaint and follow it up. He says “I will definitely continue making the right use of this opportunity to the fullest.”
With a will to reform, such simple steps can make a difference to some kid who is deprived of basic facilities or some old person who is denied of his rights. Many live a life in inconvenience that gradually becomes integral part of their lives. But there is a choice not to live such a life. And such platforms can go a long way to realize such a choice, as done by Puneet.