City Pulse


June 10, 2014 By Team ICMYC
Change is possible by anyone who has the will to change the society. Be it by a professional or otherwise. Deepa Bhurani, a housewife in Shantinagar ward, has proven her proactive role as an area voter mitra of her ward.

Having an educational background of B.A degree, she has emerged as a beacon for her fellow citizens of her area. Volunteering as Area Voter Mitra of Jaagte Raho Programme has proved to be a starting point for Deepa Bhurani in community participation activity.  
Deepa’s contribution has been in the area of distribution of voter ID cards, identifying voter id errors ensuring that the mistakes are rectified and active participation with the citizens. These were distributed to citizens in her area where she personally visited each and every house to ensure that citizens possess a standardized and an error-free voter ID card. This is indeed a herculean task to approach each and every household in the locality, explain and make citizens aware of the importance of voter id. And Deepa is trained to undertake this activity through the Jagte Raho programme which gives guidelines to all Are Voter Mitras to execute the mission. The willingness to contribute to the society and a little effort is what Deepa believes will make a difference in the lives of many. 
Deepa is actively involved in her area since two years. She has successfully managed to cover almost 200-300 houses in Shantinagar along with keeping a check on voter ID error. Over the time, a hesitant stride to knock at each door became a confident endeavor. Deepa feels extremely proud every time she comes across citizens in her area to thank her. Her willingness to go door to door and to make the procedure accessible to people is commendable.  
With the right cooperation and support from her husband, Deepa managed to take up the initiative for her society. Her major challenge was to overcome social inhibitions that she faced. Her major challenge was to approach people who either refused to talk or did not support the cause. "Initially, I was embarrassed as I was more of a house-bound woman in the area.” But the thought of a civic duty drove Deepa to every house to set right IDs and to maintain a better society.
“Anybody is capable of doing this work. This does not require any degree of understanding of the process” adds Deepa. Co-operating with other AVMs of Shantinagar ward, Deepa aims to provide citizens in her area with the right identity. Keen on continuing this initiative, Deepa wants to help a lot more individuals to be able to vote.