City Pulse


June 10, 2014 By Team ICMYC
A dance teacher by profession, Dinakar took interest in the Area Suraksha Mitra(ASM) programme headed by Janaagraha along with 15 other volunteer ASMs. Although his journey as an ASM has just begun with quite a few hurdles to overcome, Dinakar is quite optimistic about the outcome of this noble initiative. 
Two months down line, the active citizen from JP Nagar, who runs a dance and music school named ‘Natyalaya’, has earned accolades for taking the initiative to install an expensive CCTV camera outside a park that is prone to criminal activities. What is worthy of commendation is that he spent his hard earned money for the community’s benefit.
He hasn’t stopped at this- he is trying to rope in public to contribute towards installing more cameras around sensitive areas. He believes “Cameras will inhibit criminals from misbehaving with women or snatching chains as they know the police and public are watching them”.
Selected in the JP Nagar community policing beat, Dinakar visits sensitive areas early in the morning to keep a watch on suspicious looking people lurking at dawn. He goes door to door advising people to take necessary precautions to safeguard their houses from theft or any other crime. “I ask people to have pet dogs at home as it is helpful to keep thieves at bay” says he. He was previously  a part of the Chalukya Front Association which a redressal forum based in JP Nagar.
The transition from dance teacher to ASM happened when Dinakar took notice of the increase in number of crimes. The Jaagte Raho Community policing project headed by Janaagraha was the perfect impetus he needed to volunteer and take charge of his community’s security. “I wanted to support the police in order to curb criminal activities. We cannot expect the police to do everything. Common men like us can be more active than the police by participating in patrols along with the designated force.” says the zealous citizen.
Despite the nobility behind Dinakar’s actions and the foresight of the ASM programme, citizens and policemen in the area have not put their faith in the hands of the latter. Perhaps, the volunteers will have to establish their credibility to instil faith in the citizens.
Frequent transfers of serving policemen are also posing as a deterrent for these ASMs. This is resulting in strained relations with the police force.
Ensuring complete safety for the community and preventing crimes such a chain snatching, theft, eve teasing etc. can be achieved if the police and citizens work hand in hand. Although the community policing program has a long way to go, the citizens need to wake up to own their safety. Dinakar and his associates have taken the first step towards a safe future in their area. Have you?