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‘Maharaja Rahul’ wins hearts with his social service

August 11, 2016 By Team ICMYC
  • Rahul Francis managing traffic at Maharaja signal, Koramangala.

  • Rahul Francis assisting a cop.

Many might have come across a young civilian, manning the traffic signal at Maharaja Signal, Koramangala, especially during the evening hours. Ever wondered who the person is and why he does this?

Meet Rahul Francis, Manager at a famous Spa brand, who manages the signal every evening irrespective of sun or rain.

Rahul whose office is near the signal, found that the traffic to be chaotic and jams a recurring problem in the evenings. Around four months ago, he approached traffic Sub Inspector near Sony World signal and requested him to post someone to man the traffic at Maharaja Signal. The cop, however, said that it would not be possible citing manpower shortage as a reason.  

Rahul then offered to man the signal himself and asked the cop to teach him. After some basic training, he started managing the traffic and is still rendering his service.

Speaking to Team ICMyC, he says that he believes in acting on an issue than simply complaining about it. “I don’t do this for recognition, nor do I have any personal gain. Doing something for the society gives me personal satisfaction,” he says.

Rahul reveals that though he receives appreciation, he also faces criticism. “Some people are rude, but you can’t help it,” he says and adds that many have appreciated him for the smooth flow of traffic.

Speaking on his love for social service, he says his mother, a social worker in a Church, deeply influenced him. However, he also pointed out a personal experience as an important factor behind his love for social work.  

Rahul met with an accident a few years back and many people who witnessed the incident were hesitant to take him to the hospital. But thankfully, a good samaritan rushed Rahul to St. John’s hospital and as a result he received timely treatment, which saved his life.“From that day, I don’t think twice when it comes to helping another person if it is in my capacity,” he says.

Rahul said that recently a person thanked him for managing the signal. The person’s wife had a medical emergency and he was driving her to the hospital. Crossing Maharaja Signal was a major hurdle but he was able to do it smoothly as Rahul was managing the signal.“When you receive positive feedback or a warm smile, it is enough to keep you motivated,” says Rahul who adds that he plans to operate the signal until a traffic cop is posted permanently.

Rahul adds that citizens can volunteer to become traffic wardens and he hopes to inspire people with his service.I have earned the nickname “Maharaja Rahul”, good will and most of all happiness, and those are my rewards, he says.

Article By: Sandhya C D'Souza