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June 10, 2014 By Team ICMYC
The incident could have been easily brushed aside if this had occurred few decades back when corporal punishment was a norm in schools. But the times have changed for good.

Corporal punishment is no more allowed in schools and this is endorsed by parents, teachers and schools in unison. But this incident occurred in a Convent school and soon followed by a high voltage drama that engaged local people, parents, a police station and an Area Suraksha Mitra (ASM).
Rajanna, the ASM, was approached by the parents of Archana (a 10th class student) who was ruthlessly beaten up by her teacher – Nagendra, in Janata Vidyaniketana School, in Peenya II Stage. She was not the only one to have gone through this kind of a treatment from her teacher. Thus parents of other children also gathered to take the teacher to task.
The CCTV installed in the class room was a substantial evidence to probe into the case. It was clearly proven that the teacher had gone beyond his limits to discipline his pupils.
Rajanna was approached by the parents who pacified and convinced them to lodge a complaint but not to take law in to their hands. He immediately swung in to action by heading to the local police station even as other parents gathered with the sole intention of punishing the teacher. His intention was to ensure that justice is met, with a humane hand but not with an iron one. He wanted Nagendra to be punished in order to deter him from resorting to such an act in the future. But he was also considerate that Nagendra’s life is not to be derailed with this incident. He insisted at the police station that a bailable warrant is issued against him and not a non-bailable warrant, as this could affect his family since he was the sole bread-earner of his family.
The Rajagopala Nagar police immediately refused to lodge the complaint with the pretext that the case does not fall into their jurisdiction. The parents and Rajanna went to the police station in the adjoining area and they were met with the same justification for not lodging the complaint. Rajanna convinced the parents to contact their constituency’s MLA, who asked the concerned police station to lodge this complaint.
The complaint was then lodged and the teacher was arrested who was then released on bail. He was later suspended from the school with the intervention of the area MLA.
Rajanna, a small scale industrialist in Peenya, has been approached even before in such cases. He has successfully convinced the police to lodge a complaint, who otherwise would have dropped the complaint.
His achievement in this incident was to control the mob anger against the teacher and to get MLA to intervene into the issue.