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July 23, 2014 By Team ICMYC
Design student Sooraj Seshan is using trash to get rid of the trash in the city. Confused?
Well, this 23-year-old believes that the impact of words can bring about a change. Hence, with broken PVC pipes picked from garbage, Sooraj has designed a huge sign which reads ‘Trash'. He has placed his installation at various garbage dumps in the city to dissuade people from throwing waste.
“People in the city have seen so much of garbage that it hardly affects them now. Today, this problem is overlooked,” Sooraj tells I Change My City.
When Sooraj -- who's pursuing a graphic design course at Lisaa School of Design -- was asked to submit a project, he decided to create something that will bring about social change.
“With my project ‘Trash’, I aim to divert people’s attention to those ugly black spots which tarnish the city’s beauty,” he says.
Sooraj had kept his artwork on display at different spots in Mahadevapura and KR Puram. He's already seen some positive changes.

“My artwork was displayed near EMC Square, where there are many offices, and waste is dumped on the side of the road. When people saw the artwork, they stopped dumping waste and also held a clean-up drive,” says Sooraj.
He further adds that he has put a lot of thought into the design. I chose white PVC pipes, as they signify purity and cleanliness. With the help of his friends, Sooraj has taken his artwork to different garbage dumps in the city. Images from the campaign are being shared on social networking sites to create a wider impact.

Best out of waste
Sooraj believes that the waste generated in the city is mismanaged as there is always the option of making use of it. Some of the best art is created using waste.
“As an art student, buying raw material to create art is expensive. I find some of the best raw material in garbage dumps for free. Most of the raw material I use such as papers and cardboards are from the garbage dumps near shopping malls, which I purchase paying a low price to create beautiful art works,” he says. Sooraj further adds that his project has helped him to become a better citizen.
“My art work is a concept that brings about social change. I don’t mind if people use it in other places to make the world a better place. Bangalore is a beautiful city. If every single person contributes to this cause, Bangalore will be beautiful again,” he concludes.