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How to transfer a BSNL connection

February 02, 2012

Phone transfers are done in the case of an individual moving to a different house in the same city or when moving to another state. There are 3 main types of transfers. This is to make sure that the individual does not need to take up a new telephone connection repeatedly.

Criteria: Must have an existing BSNL landline connection.

Process flow (with ideal number of days indicated for each process)

Three types of transfers for telephones :

Telephone transfer can be done in the following situations:

  1. General Transfer
  2. Transfer on All India Basis
  3. Third Party Transfers


General Transfer

A transfer of telephones provided under any category is permissible in the following cases:

  1. On death of the hirer, according to his/her will. In the absence of a will a transfer is permitted to the widow/ widower, children / legal successors.
  2. When the name of the subscriber is changed.
  3. Amalgamation /Take over of registered companies.
  4. Change in the name of the Company from Private Limited to Limited and vice versa or otherwise.
  5. Employer to Employee of a Limited Company under certain circumstances.
  6. Proprietary concern becoming a Partnership Firm.
  7. Sole proprietor to proprietary concern and vice versa.
  8. From the name of a foreigner to the name of the institution where he has been working, after the foreigner leaves the country.
  9. Change in number of partners of a firm.
  10. Sale or dissolution of firm.
  11. Addition or acquirement in the case of partnership concerns.
  12. Close blood relations such as mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, son, daughter etc.


Transfer of registration on All India Basis

Transfer of registration of telephones under Non-OYT, OYT & Special categories on All India Basis is permitted in metered exchange areas.

  1. The applicant has to apply on a plain paper giving the details of registration & category of the telephone.
  2. Processing charges will be collected when the transfer is requested from lower to higher registration fee areas.
  3. No processing charges are collected when the transfer is requested to the same registration fee area or from higher to lower registration fee areas.
  4. At the old station, the registration fee will be refunded without interest.
  5. At the new station, the applicant has to deposit the registration fee applicable to the new station & non refundable processing charges.
  6. The Registration Transfer Certificate issued at the old station is to be submitted to the new station along with an application for registration on the prescribed application form within 30 days of the issue.
  7. Interest on the registration amount at the time of release of connection at the new station will be calculated from the date of original registration.


Third Party Transfers
Following conditions are to be noted for third party transfer:

Third Party Transfer of telephones provided under Special category:

  1. Transfer permitted to any person, firm or company after 5 years.
  2. Non-refundable transfer fee of Rs. 500/- to be paid by transferee.

Documentation required:

  1. The applicant has to apply on a plain paper giving the details of registration & category of the telephone.


Department / Organisation: BSNL

Phone number: 1800-180-1502



Do remember:

  1. Prior to the transfer, the telephone should have worked for at least one year.
  2. After each transfer, no further transfer to close relatives is permitted for the next five years - except in the case of death.
  3. If the telephone was provided under a special category, the applicant will not be eligible for a similar priority for the next five years.
  4. The General Transfer Fee payable is Rs 100/-
  5. Third Party Transfer fee is Non-refundable and is Rs 500/-
  6. Third Party Transfer permitted to any person, firm or company after 5 years.
  7. Third party transfer is permitted if the date of registration cleared Non-OYT- General Category.
  8. Special Category telephone is converted into General Category when transferred to a third party.
  9. Third Party Transfer is not eligible for special category telephones for 2 years after transfer.

Downloads :

Form for shifting of telephone connection

Helpline : 1800-345-1500


Disclaimer : * This information is subject to periodic government policy / process change. Kindly contact the concerned department to crosscheck for recent updates, if any.