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How to use the EVM ( Electronic Voting Machine)

February 02, 2012

Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) retains all the characteristics of voting by ballot papers, while making polling a lot more expedient. Being fast and absolutely reliable, the EVM saves considerable time, money and manpower. And, of course it helps maintain total voting secrecy without the use of ballot papers. The EVM is 100 per cent tamper proof.

Pre -process requirements:

  1. The Voter will be called by name as usual to put his signature on the Voting Register.
  2. The Electoral Officer will put a special ink on his finger as usual.
  3. Electoral Officer will hand over a slip containing the voter’s serial number as shown in the Voter Register.
  4. The Voter will hand over the slip to Presiding Officer. He will satisfy himself about the genuineness of the particulars of the voter.
  5. After all these formalities, the voter will be asked to reach the Electronic Voting Machine kept in a corner. It is covered from all sides to maintain the secrecy of the vote.
  6. The Voting Machine will contain a candidate’s name and symbol against each name. It will have a red light and a blue button. The voter will have to press the blue button against the candidate of the choice. A red light will appear on the pressing of blue button and a whistle like sound will also be heard. This will indicate that the ballot has been cast. If the red light does not appear, the voter can press the blue button again.

Documentation required:

  1. Voter Identity Card

Department / Organisation: Election Commission of India

Contact person : Polling Agent

Phone : N/A

Location : Polling booths ( link to map )

Do remember: (important points)

The EVM is a very safe method of voting as the votes cast cannot be tampered with. Be very careful while pressing and check for the red light to appear. Repress the blue button only when the red light does not appear else your vote will be nullified.


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Forms: Form 6- Voter ID

Helplines:  1522121

Disclaimer: * This information is subject to periodic government policy / process change. Kindly contact the concerned department to crosscheck for recent updates, if any.