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Here are some of the many resolved complaints.

Knaru 220
New road constructed. Thank you.
The entire stretch of road on both sides has been re tarred and is in perfect condition now, so the issue can be closed now.
Nandita P Reddy
Adequate water supply since the past 4 weeks.
Donna Biswas
Hi Team, I had send a complaint regarding the worst pavement and how horrible mishaps could have happened. Within days BBMP acknowledged the complaint and it looks so much better now. Hats off to you guys. I have clicked a few pics which i am sending it to you guys. I shall look around the city to check if i can find out any other issues. I am ready to help in the bestest way possible. Let us make a cleaner and safer Bangalore. Thank You.
You guys are doing awesome works hats off...
Charit Menon
Your website is running on a brilliant concept and you guys really deserve a lot more credit than you get.
Salman Farooq
Thank you team I change my city and BBMP
Thanks to TeamICMyC for the follow-up with Ramesh
Thank you very much. I salute the team behind this civic portal. May you grow from strength to strength
Preetham S
Wonderful app.
Samkit Jain
...the app helped me in getting my street lights back in just 2 days. Very good execution from IChangeMyCity team. Salute to you guys...
Kishor Kumar Sreeramappa
My city and my country Simple and very useful.
Shabbir Ahamed
Awesome application for bangaloreans Hats off guys for bringing such revolutionary change @ blore with this app..complaints flipping with 3d cube view is the highlight and some more..rocking future ahead..keep going..
Ganesh MV
Thanks for networking. I got a call from the concerned person within 2-3 days from registering the complaint. But he denied to come to the spot arguing that this place is not coming in their area of service. After couple of weeks it was repaired by somebody, I am not sure who.
Daniel Fu
Issue has been resolved by leveling the road.
Bharathi A
Snaps of clean roads connecting 27th main, a major relief for the residents :) Thanks to ICYMC team and to all involved in making this happens as well.
The bus shelter has been constructed.
thanks to janaagraha and BWSSB the sewerage chamber wall which was open has been blocked and wall built. Thanks to all.
Seems like a very good initiative. Congratulate both Dell and Janaagraha.
Winston Almeida
You guys are doing a good job, i never knew about this site and the minute i saw this, i felt something could be done about this place and its corruption. Looking forward to making bangalore a better place. :)
Kapil Malik
Thanks Team, Bharathi and you are doing a great job to keep things in order to resolve this big issue.
Uma vlsi
Thanks for creating the ICMC team and helping us, it is very good initiative and helping the bangaleroeans for a better life.
Rahul Deginal
Gr8 initiative App works well no issues faced..
Lakshmi Narayan
Good to see such app for clearing dump in Bangalore and making clean and clear to help citizens of city
Raja Sekhar Reddy M
Sathish S
Awesome app
Thanks BBMP and authorities of my area for the speedy response. The mosquito population has gone down considerably. However I hope the person who Fumigants the area.. visits regularly to SR Layout.
Suman BP
Thank you IChangeMyCity.. They have revamped the entire stretch of road. Now it feels good to drive on these lanes.
Mohammed Ekhlas
Thank you ! You guys are doing a great job.
Jaganmohan Kanakala
This problem got fixed. Now no leakage found from the sewage man hole. Thanks for BWSSB for resolving the issue and for ICMyC for expediting the issue.
I really like the ideas. Simple and implementable. Hope many implement this, I change my city is really making a difference.
You have done a great job. As a developer please let me know any help.
Thanks to BBMP and ichangemycity. Really a good initiative. The pavement is cleared now. Very good work. Best of luck.
Would luv to see you come to delhi and let me know if i can help or work with you in anyway.Thanks and best regards
Your concept of heralding citizen voice to bureaucrats, is highly appreciable.
Rajith S
Awesome App. New UI is gazillion times better than the previous one. Posting complaints is so easy and intuitive. Now it's upto the authorities to do their jobs right.
Kaizer Billimoria
Very useful Thanks for this.
Ankit Ahilwal
Awesome app.. I also want to create this app as my project in MCA...
Dhiraj Solanki
make it for entire nation not only for banglore