Your guide to Public Eye

  • What is Public Eye?
    Public Eye app is an initiative of Bengaluru Traffic Police and IChangeMyCity. You are encouraged to report traffic violations. The app aims to create awareness about rampant traffic violations and sensitises citizens on following traffic rules, making Bengaluru roads safer to commute.
  • What settings do I need to enable on my mobile for Public Eye app to function correctly?
    You should ensure you have provided Public Eye access to your mobile's camera to take pictures and record videos and access to your photo gallery. Also make sure the GPS setting is on to capture the location of the violation.
    • How do I download the Public Eye app?
      If you are an android user search for the 'Public Eye' app in the Google Play Store or click on the link below https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ichangemycity.publiceye iOS users can search for 'Public Eye' app in the App store on their devices or click on the link below https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/public-eye-official-btp-app/id1078185315?mt=8
    • Why is my location not captured in my complaint?
      You need to ensure you turn the GPS setting ON, on your phone, before taking a picture of the violation. Even if you are taking a picture through camera and not through the public eye app, ensure the GPS is on as camera can also capture the picture location.
    • Why is the location not getting captured on my complaint even though GPS is switched on?
      If your GPS is already ON, all you need to do is turn ON the store location data in your camera settings.
    • Why is my complaint location inaccurate?
      Public Eye relies on Google Maps to capture the location of your complaint. If at any point you find the location is inaccurate, we recommend you manually choose the location using the drop down.
    • Why are my complaint photos not getting uploaded?
      If you are facing this issue, kindly report the same in the feedback section and we will look into the problem for you.
  • How do I post complaints on the Public Eye App?
    Open the app, click the picture of the violation or upload it from the gallery, add a caption, choose the category of the traffic violation, select location and post the complaint.
    • Can I post multiple photos?
      At present this feature is not available. However, stay tuned for further upgrades!
    • Can I post videos?
      At present this feature is not available. However, stay tuned for further upgrades!.
    • Can I select multiple complaint categories?
      In case you find a person is violating multiple traffic rules, you can select up to two different categories, while posting the complaint. We are working on enabling you to choose more.
    • What are the different categories under which I can report violations?
      The Bengaluru Traffic Police considers violations posted in 13 categories such as:
      • No Parking
      • One way/No Entry
      • Parking on Footpath
      • Riding on Footpath
      • Riding without a Helmet
      • Defective/ Fancy Number Plate
      • Stopped on Zebra crossing
      • Triple Riding
      • Using Mobile Phone
      • Wrong Parking
      • Jumping Traffic Signal
      • Pillion Rider Not Wearing Helmet
      • Stunt Driving
    • What do I do if I want to post a complaint that is not in the listed categories?
      The Bengaluru Traffic Police considers violations in 13 categories as per the list in the complaint drop down, as it is easy to ascertain the violation by just viewing the photograph. In case of other violations, for example 'speeding' or 'drunk driving' one cannot prove the violation with a picture. Here, the intervention of the traffic police is needed. Hence, for such violations you can always do your role as a responsible citizen by calling the police control room at 100 and providing your complaint details.
    • Can I add a new complaint category?
      You cannot add a new complaint category. However, you are free to recommend a new category in the feedback section.
  • What happens to the complaint, after I post it on the Public Eye app?
    Soon after you post the complaint, IChangeMyCity scrutinizes it for clarity of the uploaded photograph and visibility of the violation. . The valid complaint is then forwarded to the Bengaluru Traffic Police. The complaint is addressed within 48 hours and Bengaluru Traffic Police will penalise the violator.
    • How can I track my complaint?
      The action taken by the Bengaluru Traffic Police will be updated as comments. You can view the updates on your complaint by checking the comments.
    • Why is my complaint rejected?
      Your complaint can be rejected for the following reasons:
      • Registration number of the vehicle is not clearly captured
      • The violation is not clearly captured
      • Picture is irrelevant
      • Other state registration number
      • No images captured
      • It is not a violation
      • This violation has already been reported multiple times in the same time frame
    • How do I know the status of my complaint?
      You can see the status of your complaint by checking the comments section for updates or also on the complaint card
    • How do I see the complaints I have previously posted?
      You can view the complaints you have posted earlier by clicking on your profile setting
  • What about my Privacy?
    • Will I be contacted by traffic authorities?
      You will not be contacted by the traffic authorities. The action taken on your complaint or reason for rejection, will be updated as comments on your complaint.
    • Will the violator come to know who posted complaint against them?
      Your name or phone number will not be displayed anywhere in the app or on any other report.
    • Will I face any issues for posting pictures of violators?
      You will not face any issues for posting pictures of violators in your complaint on the Public Eye app.
    • Why do we need to register our email id and phone number, after we install the app?
      We need your email id and phone number for verification purposes and for communicating with you on the status of your complaint, and update you on new features and notifications.
    • Why edit email and phone number is not allowed?
      Your email and phone number is associated with your profile. In case you have changed your email or phone number, you can create a new profile based on your new credentials.

Feedback/ Support Centre

We are always looking to improve. Your recommendations, suggestions are valuable to us. Please feel free to post grievances, doubts, feedback and your experiences after using the Public Eye app.