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Karthik's complaint gets tree fallen on footpath in Basaveshwar Nagar cleared

Resolved on Mar 21, 2019

A tree which had fallen on a footpath on Modi Hospital Road in Basaveshwar Nagar was blocking the path of a few shops and was also obstructing pedestrians from using the footpath. ICMyC user Karthik got the issue to the notice of the BBMP by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. Thanks to his effort, the obstruction has been cleared. View complaint


Pallikonda Khader Habibulla's complaint gets streetlight repaired

Resolved on Mar 20, 2019

A streetlight was not functioning on 2nd Cross, 1st main in Balaji Layout in Babusapalya for a month. Pallikonda Khader Habibulla highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and brought it to the attention of the BBMP. Thanks to his effort, the streetlight is fixed. View complaint


Veena Kumar's complaint resolves irregular garbage collection issue in Jayanagar 4th block

Resolved on Mar 13, 2019

Irregular collection of garbage was a major issue for residents of NAL layout in Jayanagar 4th Block. Veena Kumar posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity on the problems faced by the residents and also pointed out that BBMP workers collect money every month from residents to do their work. The complaint was forwarded to BBMP Junior Health Inspector Goutham, who ensured that the issue is immediately addressed. Veena has expressed her appreciation and has marked the issue resolved. View complaint


Sukumar's complaint stops continuous loudspeaker announcements restoring peace in Begur

Resolved on Mar 10, 2019

Street hawkers announcing rates of their goods using loudspeakers, continuously during the evenings became a headache for the residents of Begur. Sukumar complained on IChangeMyCity, that the continuous announcements were not only irritating but also disturbed children who are studying for their exams. The complaint was forwarded to BCP by team ICMyC. Sukumar confirms that the announcements have stopped post his complaint and is elated that he restored peace in his neighbourhood. View complaint


Krishna Rao's complaint solves water supply issues in BTM 2nd stage

Resolved on Feb 27, 2019

Irregular water supply was a major woe of residents of BTM 2nd stage, Kuvempu Nagar. Krishna Rao highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and got BWSSB to address the issue on priority. Rao has confirmed the resolution. View complaint


Sharath Bhargav's complaint gets streetlight repaired in KCA Layout

Resolved on Feb 17, 2019

Streetlight on 3rd Cross Road, KCA Layout, JP Nagar was not functioning which was a huge inconvenience for pedestrians. IChangeMyCity user Sharath Bhargav brought the issue to the notice of BBMP. Thanks to this effort, the streetlight is fixed. View complaint


Bhaskar's complaint gets streetlight repaired

Resolved on Feb 12, 2019

A Streetlight on Gubbalala Main Road was not functioning since many days. Resident of the area Bhaskar highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and ensured it gets fixed through continuous follow-ups with BBMP officials using IChangeMyCity platform. Thanks to his effort, the streetlight is now glowing and the residents feel safe. View complaint


LOHIT SINGH HAZARE's complaint gets road in Nagawara repaired

Resolved on Jan 23, 2019

The Philomena Hospital Road in Nagawara was dug up by the BWSSB for some work but not asphalted thereafter. This caused dust to fly around whenever vehicles moved on this stretch. Lohit Singh Hazare brought the issue to the notice of BBMP by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. He pointed out that people can develop respiratory ailments due to the dust. The issue was immediately taken up by BBMP official Dharm Singh who ensured that the road is fixed. View complaint


Shiv's complaint gets dangerous pothole fixed

Resolved on Jan 21, 2019

A huge crater in front of HDFC Bank on Nagarbhavi Main road put life of motorists in danger. Shiv highlighting the seriousness of the issue on IChangeMyCity questioned if civic agencies are waiting for tragedy to strike. The complaint was then taken up BBMP officials, who ensured that the pothole is fixed. Shiv has confirmed the resolution. View complaint


Subhradeep Sarkar's effort fixes 'deadly' pothole on Bannerghatta road

Resolved on Jan 18, 2019

A huge pothole on Bannerghatta road near Rainbow Hospital obstructed smooth flow of traffic and put life of motorists on risk. Subhradeep Sarkar referring to the pothole as ‘death trap’ highlighted it on IChangeMyCity and added that two-wheeler riders take their vehicles on footpath to avoid the deadly pothole. The complaint was taken up by the BBMP and the pothole was filled up. Though Subhradeep is not very happy about the quality of work, he appreciates the prompt action and says that the road is much safer now. View complaint


Farooque's complaint gets KK street in Ulsoor asphalted

Resolved on Jan 14, 2019

The KK Street in Someshwarpura in Ulsoor was in a dilapidated state. Farooque highlighted the road’s condition on IChangeMyCity, and got BBMP to asphalt the stretch. Farqooue elated about the positive change, confirms the resolution. View complaint


Adithya Gurumurthy's complaint gets road in Uttarahalli repaired

Resolved on Jan 06, 2019

While roads in Uttarahalli became a nightmare for commuters, only one person made the effort to raise his voice, follow-up and bring about a positive change. Thanks to Adithya Gurumurthy’s complaint highlighting the pathetic road condition near Shanmukha Temple in Uttarahalli and his constant follow-up with BBMP, the road has been repaired. View complaint


Haji Rahamathulla Sheriff's complaint gets leaking manhole fixed on Heerachand Road

Resolved on Dec 21, 2018

A leaking manhole on Heerachand Road in Cox Town had become a major woe of residents. Haji Rahamathulla Sheriff posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity. Thanks to his effort, the concerned civic authorities attended to the leakage and the manhole is fixed and the road is also asphalted. View complaint


Parmesh's complaint gets potholes on Kadugodi flyover fixed

Resolved on Dec 12, 2018

Kadugodi flyover was riddled with potholes and had become an accident prone zone. Parmesh had highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and requested BBMP to fix the flyover before mishap strikes. Thanks to his complaint, BBMP took note of the issue and the potholes are fixed. View complaint


A P Suresh Babu's complaint gets dangerous pothole fixed

Resolved on Dec 11, 2018

A huge pothole on 4th cross road in 1st Main Shreyas Colony, J P Nagar, obstructed smooth traffic flow. A P Suresh Babu, a resident in the neighbourhood decided to highlight the issue on IChangeMyCity. BBMP has taken note of his complaint and the pothole is patched up. View complaint