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Narmada Hegde's complaint on irregular power supply was resolved within 24 hours

Resolved on Sep 16, 2017

ICMyC user Narmada Hegde was troubled with the frequent and long power cuts in 9th Main Indiranagar. After being unable to get in touch with the authorities concerned, she decided to highlight the issue on IChangeMyCity. The BESCOM officials immediately acknowledged Narmada’s complaint and contacted her. The issue was resolved within 24 hours. Narmada is elated that her complaint is resolved and appreciates the promptness of BESCOM in rectifying the problem. View complaint


Prakash P M's complaint gets garbage collection regularized in Akshayanagara

Resolved on Sep 11, 2017

Prakash P.M had highlighted irregular garbage collection in Akshayanagara in a complaint on IChangeMyCity. He wrote that for the past one week, no one has collected garbage from the apartment he was staying. He requested BBMP to resolve the issue. Prakash’s complaint was forwarded to the BBMP. The garbage collection has been regularized. View complaint


Sujay Krishna's complaint solves low water pressure issue

Resolved on Sep 08, 2017

IChangeMyCity user Sujay Krishna had posted a complaint that residents of 4th Main, Amarjyothi Layout suffered with irregular water supply. Even if the water is released, the pressure is very low, he added. Sujay’s complaint was forwarded to the BWSSB by Team ICMyC. The complaint was taken up and the BWSSB workers ensured that the blockade that was reducing water pressure was cleared. Sujay now marks the complaint as resolved and confirms that water supply is regularised. View complaint


Nandhini's complaint solves water supply issue in Ayyappa Nagar

Resolved on Sep 07, 2017

Nandhini is elated that her complaint on IChangeMyCity solved the water supply issue in 2nd Block, Ayyappa Nagar. Earlier, she had complained that though houses in the neighbourhood were provided with the water meter, pipe connection was yet to be given. Most of the people had to depend on tankers for their water needs. Nandhini’s complaint on ICMyC was taken up by the BWSSB. People are now receiving Kaveri water supply. View complaint


Dilip Reddy 's complaint gets streetlight repaired within 48 hours

Resolved on Sep 05, 2017

HSR Layout 7th sector resident Dilip Reddy had posted a complaint that a streetlight is not functioning in front of his house. He requested the civic agency to replace the bulb. Dilip’s complaint was forwarded to BBMP by Team ICMyC. Within 48 hours, the bulb was replaced. Dilip is happy with the prompt response and marks the complaint as resolved. View complaint


Sujay Krishna's effort gets open sewage chambers in Hebbal covered

Resolved on Sep 04, 2017

ICMyC user Sujay Krishna had posted a complaint that BBMP workers had opened the sewage chambers for some repair in 4th Main Amarjyothi Layout in Hebbal, but had not covered the drain properly after the work. This poses threat to the lives of children who usually play on the road where the chamber is left open. The stagnant water has also given rise to mosquitoes, he added. Sujay’s complaint was taken up by the BBMP and now the drains are properly closed. View complaint


Sneha Bhattacharjee's complaint fixes broken roads in Yelahanka

Resolved on Sep 02, 2017

IChangeMyCity user Sneha Bhattacharjee had highlighted the pathetic condition of roads in Yelahanka. The rains have further deteriorated the roads, she said. Thanks to her complaint, BBMP took steps to repair the road. An elated Sneha marks the complaint as resolved. View complaint


Shuaib Khan's complaint gets garbage dump in Neelasandra cleared

Resolved on Sep 01, 2017

A garbage pile in Rose Garden in Neelasandra grew bigger every day. The entire neighbourhood was troubled due to the unhygienic conditions persistent. The garbage also attracted strays, pointed out ICMyC user Shuhaib Khan. The BBMP took up the issue and within two days of the complaint got the garbage dump cleared and got the neighbourhood cleaned. Shuhaib confirms the resolution and closes the complaint. View complaint


Dimple's complaint creates awareness on unnecessary tree cutting

Resolved on Aug 31, 2017

Trees in Ramanjaneya Road in Srinagar were cut down without permission and for no particular reason, pointed out Dimple. In a complaint on IChangeMyCity, she created awareness on the issue. The matter was looked into by civic agencies and the incident did not repeat again, confirms Dimple. View complaint


Harshitha Priyanka's effort makes Nagavara Flyover pothole-free and safe

Resolved on Aug 29, 2017

A pothole on Nagavara Flyover is a potential death trap, highlighted Harshitha Priyanka in a complaint on IChangeMyCity. People travel with great speed on the flyover and the pothole can cause great harm to the motorists. She requested civic agencies to fix the pothole before mishap strikes. Team ICMyC forwarded Harshitha’s complaint to the BBMP, who ensured that the pothole is patched-up. An elated Harshitha reports that the flyover is safer now. View complaint


Smitha Elisha's complaint puts an end to garbage menace in Horamavu

Resolved on Aug 28, 2017

IChangeMyCity user Smitha Elisha had highlighted the garbage menace near Shree Chamundeshwari Devi Devasthana in Horamavu. People had littered the neighbourhood by dumping garbage, which attracted stay animals. Team ICMyC forwarded the complaint to BBMP officer Niranjan, who ensured that the garbage dump is cleared. An elated Smitha confirms the resolution and is happy that her effort resulted in a cleaner and healthier neighbourhood. View complaint


Sandeep H M's complaint gets streetlight repaired

Resolved on Aug 20, 2017

IChangeMyCity user Sandeep HM had posted a grievance that most of the streetlights on 1st Main Road in Nanjamba Agrahara in Hanumantha Nagar ward were not functioning since many months. Pedestrians felt unsafe while walking on this road, he added. Sandeep’s complaint on IChangeMyCity was forwarded to BBMP officer Murthy, who has ensured that the lights are fixed. View complaint


Yogesh's effort clears debris dumped on road within 24 hours

Resolved on Aug 19, 2017

The Bellandur service road was dug up for repair work and the debris was scattered carelessly, causing problems to commuters using the stretch. Yogesh highlighted the negligent attitude of the civic body in a complaint on IChangeMyCity. Team ICMyC forwarded the issue to the BBMP and immediately steps were taken to clear the debris. Yogesh writes that the issue was resolved within 24 hours. View complaint


Raghu's effort gets pothole-riddled stretch asphalted

Resolved on Aug 17, 2017

The Kembathalli Main Road in Gottigere was riddled with potholes. Raghu highlighted the pathetic state of the road in a complaint on IChangeMyCity. He requested BBMP to bring respite to the motorists commuting on this stretch by getting the road asphalted. Thanks to his complaint, BBMP took note of the issue and fixed the road. View complaint


Vijaya Bhaskar's solves overflowing storm water drain issue in Lakkasandra

Resolved on Aug 17, 2017

The heavy rains that lashed Bengaluru in the last few days, have given rise to several civic issues. ICMyC user Vijay Bhaskar has highlighted in a complaint that the storm water drains are overflowing on 18th Cross Road in Gopalappa Layout, Lakkasandra. Pedestrians are unable to walk on this road, he said. Vijay Bhaskar’s issue was taken up by the BWSSB. The drain is now cleared. View complaint