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Sanjeeth Boloor's complaint gets road constructed in Hiremath Layout

Resolved on Nov 22, 2018

The roads in and around Hiremath Layout in Kothanur were dug up to lay water pipelines but not asphalted thereafter. Sanjeeth Boloor highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity, asking BBMP to look into the issue on priority. He also wrote about the hassles faced by the residents as well as motorists. Sanjeeth’s complaint was forwarded to BBMP by Team ICMyC. The road has now been asphalted, and the construction of storm water drain has been completed. An elated Sanjeeth has confirmed the resolution. View complaint


Veena Kumar's complaint resolves irregular garbage collection issue in Jayanagar 4th block

Resolved on Nov 12, 2018

Irregular collection of garbage was a major issue for residents of NAL layout in Jayanagar 4th Block. Veena Kumar posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity on the problems faced by the residents and also pointed out that BBMP workers collect money every month from residents to do their work. The complaint was forwarded to BBMP Junior Health Inspector Goutham, who ensured that the issue is immediately addressed. Veena has expressed her appreciation and has marked the issue resolved. View complaint


Manavendra's effort gets garbage on road cleared

Resolved on Nov 06, 2018

The branches of a tree which were cut were left on the road in Sarvabhouma Nagar. ICMyC user Manavendra, highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and brought it to the notice of BBMP. Thanks to his effort, the road is cleared and pedestrians can now move about freely. View complaint


Sohan's effort gets road near Begur lake asphalted

Resolved on Oct 24, 2018

The road built over a storm water drain near Begur lake was in a dilapidated condition. Sohan highlighted the challenges faced by commuters in a complaint on IChangeMyCity. His complaint was acknowledged by the BBMP who took steps in repairing the road. An elated Sohan confirms that the road has been asphalted and is happy on bringing about positive change. View complaint


Sharath Bhargav's complaint gets streetlight repaired in KCA Layout

Resolved on Oct 24, 2018

Streetlight on 3rd Cross Road, KCA Layout, JP Nagar was not functioning which was a huge inconvenience for pedestrians. IChangeMyCity user Sharath Bhargav brought the issue to the notice of BBMP. Thanks to this effort, the streetlight is fixed. View complaint


Abhay Jain's complaint gets pothole riddled road repaired

Resolved on Sep 26, 2018

The road between Canara bank bus stop upto Sony World Signal in Koramangala was riddled with potholes. Abhay Jain highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and got it to the notice of BBMP. Thanks to his effort, the road is repaired. View complaint


Rahul S Bhankur's complaint gets streetlight repaired

Resolved on Sep 22, 2018

Residents of Navya Trinity enclave were feeling insecure as streetlights were not working in Annaiah Reddy Layout. It is dangerous for pedestrians as well as motorists highlighted Rahul S Bhankur in a complaint on IChangeMyCity. BBMP took note of Rahul’s complaint and got the streetlights are fixed. View complaint


Pratik's complaint puts an end to garbage menace in Ejipura

Resolved on Sep 16, 2018

Pratik a resident of Ejipura took to IChangeMyCity to highlight the garbage menace on Rama Temple Road. He regretted that the well-educated people in the locality indulged in throwing garbage and littering the road, while BBMP did nothing about it. He requested BBMP to take action and bring about a permanent resolution. Thanks to his complaint, BBMP took up the issue and ensured that the area is regularly cleaned. While the change process was slow, over a period of two-years, the issue has been resolved. View complaint


Harsha Harsh's complaint on sewage overflow solved within 24 hours

Resolved on Sep 13, 2018

Sewage overflow issue in Halsurpete which was not rectified for over three days was fixed within 24 hours after Harsha posted the issue on IChangeMyCity. Harsha is elated that BBMP escalated the issue as priority, marking it as ‘on-the-job’ as soon as it was posted. In just 24 hours, the overflow was plugged. View complaint


Sharmila's complaint gets road in Mookambika Nagar, Hosakerehalli repaired

Resolved on Sep 06, 2018

The 12th Cross road in Mookambika Nagar, Hosakerehalli was dug up for some repair work but not asphalted thereafter. Every day the road condition turned worse. It became a nightmare to commute on the road especially after rains. Sharmila highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity and followed up with the progress. Though the repair was slow, the issue is finally resolved by the BBMP, she confirms. View complaint


Kumari's complaint resolves garbage issue in Krishna Reddy Layout

Resolved on Sep 01, 2018

The 3rd ‘D’ street in Krishna Reddy Layout turned a garbage dump point, much to the woe of the residents. The issue first started when BBMP pourakarmikas used to dump garbage collected from houses on the street, with an intention of sorting the same. However, this made the area messy and later on other people started dumping garbage in the same spot. Her complaint was forwarded to BBMP officials, who communicated the matter to the pourakarmikas. The dumping has significantly reduced, writes Kumari marking the complaint resolved. View complaint


Karthik Kumar's complaint gets pothole fixed on Nagavara main road

Resolved on Aug 24, 2018

A huge pothole on Nagavara main road was a potential death trap which caused many accidents. Karthik Kumar highlighted the issue on IChangeMyCity, requesting BBMP to fix it promptly and hence avoid mishaps. Thanks to his complaint, BBMP took note of the issue and the pothole is fixed. View complaint


Citizen's proactive initiative gets streetlight in Padmanabhanagar fixed

Resolved on Aug 16, 2018

A Streetlight was not functioning on 10th cross road in Padmanabhanagar. An ICMyC user who identifies himself as ‘citizen’ posted a complaint, asking BBMP to get the streetlight repaired. Thanks to his proactive initiative, the streetlight was fixed on priority and the citizen is elated that his neighbourhood safe. View complaint


Tom Sawyer's complaint gets streetlights repaired

Resolved on Aug 04, 2018

Two streetlights were not functioning on 1st Cross Road in Thomas Town in Maruthi Seva Nagar ward. ICMyC user Tom Sawyer in a complaint wrote that residents are feeling insecure as many people are stopping on this road to smoke. Many two wheeler riders also indulge in risky activity such as wheeling putting their life and pedestrian’s life at risk. The complaint was taken up by the BBMP, and the streetlights are now fixed. View complaint


Karthik Naga's effort helps pedestrians reclaim footpath in Begur

Resolved on Aug 03, 2018

The branches of a tree cut recently were dumped on a footpath on Doddakammanahalli Main Road. Garbage and other debris were also dumped here, leaving no place for pedestrians to walk. Karthik Naga highlighted the issue in a complaint on IChangeMyCity, hoping it will help pedestrians reclaim their footpath. Thanks to his effort, the debris is cleared by the BBMP. View complaint